Slip and Fall

Slip and FallSlip and fall accidents represent a constant worry for business owners everywhere, from the smallest of the small up to the biggest companies around. Every one of them has to deal with the possibility that, sooner or later, someone coming into their store could get hurt solely because they decided to visit that store on that day. If you’re one of the thousands who thought you were just going shopping but ended up on your back after falling down thanks to unclean or unsafe conditions, then you’re going to be looking for legal help to make sure you get the most you can for your pain and suffering.

A little fall isn’t always just a little fall; people sometimes die from falling down stairs or taking other tumbles. Don’t just assume your slip and fall complaint is frivolous because the injury isn’t as serious as, say, a gunshot wound. You’re still going to miss work while your broken bone heals, or your bruised back gets the time it needs for swelling to go down. Someone has to pay for that and it shouldn’t be you, especially if the injury clearly wasn’t your fault. Don’t take on a business all by yourself.

Getting the best possible slip and fall compensation for our clients is just one of the things we do here. Even if you aren’t the injured party, if you know someone who’s out of work because of a shopping accident, you can bet they’ll thank you for directing them this way. Lost wages, mortgage payments, car loans and more all cost a person, especially when that person can’t really work nor do anything to come up with money to make those regularly scheduled payments. Even a small slip and fall can become a huge problem for someone.

If you’ve fallen victim to poor cleaning practices at your local grocery store, or you’ve fallen down some other place for some other reason, you’re not alone. Skilled and knowledgeable help is available and with the right lawyer, you can look forward to getting proper compensation for the injury you received. Hopefully your injuries are minor and you can get back to work right away, but if they aren’t, you’re guaranteed to get the aggressive legal help you need to make the most of a bad situation. Don’t hesitate – your claim is likely subject to a statute of limitation.Slip and Fall

If you or someone you know suffer from a Slip and Fall accident and is not sure what to do, then you can contact me for a FREE consultation (no commitment) by calling me, email me at  or by Contact Me and fill up a simple form and I promise to contact you right away.

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