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Personal injury litigation involves an area of law known as tort law. Personal injury attorneys represent those who have been physically harmed through no fault of their own, due to someone else’s negligence, act, or omission.

Los Angeles injury lawyers can assist in local cases and on a statewide level. Los Angeles injury lawyers represent many victims in these types of cases. A personal injury lawsuit can involve an injury as typical as whiplash from a rear-end car accident, to as serious as a death. 

A personal injury lawsuit can help the victim recover expenses incurred by their injuries, such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Personal injury litigation may end without a trial, as many cases settle before going to court. Experienced Los Angeles injury lawyers know that the best way to obtain the best settlement in personal injury litigation is to make it clear to the defense that they are ready to prove the case at trial.

The first step in a personal injury lawsuit is the filing of a complaint, which describes the incident giving rise to a cause of action. Next, personal injury litigation involves an exchange of evidence known as discovery. Personal injury litigation can be very complex, as both sides try to recreate the scene of the incident where the injury took place to fit their theory of what happened. Los Angeles injury lawyers may ask witnesses questions in what is known as a deposition, which is a chance for the attorneys to ask questions with the witness’s answers.

This can later be used in a personal injury lawsuit to cross-examine witnesses if the witness tries to change his or her testimony. A personal injury lawsuit may end in a settlement for the plaintiff or, if both sides don’t settle, a jury Trial. 

Medical damages and proof are part of any personal injury lawsuit. During personal injury litigation, the victim of the incident may be asked to testify about the pain he or she experiences on a daily basis and how his or her life has changed as a result. Doctors and other medical providers may be required to testify during a personal injury lawsuit. The defense will likely try to call into question the victim’s story and to make it look as if he or she is lying or exaggerating about pain. Those who are seeking damages in a personal injury lawsuit should be prepared for this type of questioning during cross-examination at trial. Most injuries also show up in a medically verifiable way, such as on an x-ray or an MRI. Getting adequate medical care to diagnose and treat injuries is essential to both recovery and to ensuring there is proof of the alleged injury.

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