Elder Abuse

Elder AbuseThe elderly form an important part of society. However, a worrying number of them are unable to protect or defend themselves from abuse as a result of mental and physical constraints. Elder abuse is used to refer to the abuse and/or mistreatment on an elderly person. According to the National Center for Elder Abuse, it is becoming a growing problem.

The abuse can occur either at home or in a nursing home. Some of the older citizens are suffering. All measures should be taken to ensure that this sad state of affairs is a thing of the past.

The abuse can be classified under several categories. Physical abuse is a type of elder abuse. This is when an individual physically assaults an elderly person. It can be hitting, pushing or intentionally injuring the individual. If someone does any of these then the individual has participated in elder abuse.

Emotional elder abuse can be ignoring the person, blaming someone falsely repeatedly, making fun of the individual and isolating the elder from people and activities. Neglecting the individual is also a form of elderly abuse. This covers failing to care to the needs of an elderly person. If the person is not taken to the doctor, fed, or provided with adequate shelter then this constitutes elder abuse. Sad senior man in wheelchair being shouted at by nurse

There have been some cases of sexual abuse towards the elderly. It includes acts such as having non-consensual sex with an elder, making him or her disrobe unwillingly, unwelcome sexual touching, forcing  the individual to watch or view pornography, or making the person engage in sexual acts against his or her will. These are all considered as forms of elder abuse.

Some people have gone to the extent of making unauthorized withdrawals from the account of an elderly person. There have even been cases of the elderly being forced to change their wills. Financial abuse is one of the rampant problems that the elders are facing.

Another thing to note is that health care abuse is also elder abuse. This refers to a situation where a healthcare provider under-medicates or over-medicates an elderly person. The same applies to a health care provider who is double billing Medicare.

The good thing is that you can take legal measures to stop this form of abuse. Whether you are experiencing it or it is happening to someone you know, take action and get a good abuse attorney with a proven track record to handle your case. Contact me for a FREE consultation (no commitment) by calling me, email me at David@dmflawyer.com or by Contact Me and fill up a simple form and I promise I will do my best to contact you within 24 hours.

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