Elder Abuse – How Can The Law Protect You And Your Loved Ones?

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is rampant in the United States. There is also unreported elder abuse, either because the senior citizen can’t or is afraid to do so. Elder abuse is inflicted by staff of nursing care facilities and in many instances by family members caring for the elderly in their homes. The advice of an abuse attorney or nursing home abuse lawyer is invaluable. If necessary, personal injury litigation must be handled by a competent and trained abuse attorney.

• An abuse lawyer or nursing home abuse lawyer can advise as to the necessary steps to be taken.
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention believe that an estimated 500,000 senior citizens are abused or neglected yearly. This is an underestimated number due to the fact of the abused being too intimidated to tell anyone about it. Due to illness, some are unable to report it. As an abuse attorney or nursing home abuse attorney can attest to, there are different types of elder abuse that can cause grave concern for the senior population. Some situations can result in personal injury litigation. An abuse attorney or a specialized nursing home abuse lawyer is needed for the perpetrator to be held accountable.

• A nursing home abuse lawyer is able to look into the allegation and pursue the needed legal procedure. He or she may also see the need to pursue personal injury litigation.
Physical abuse of force against an elderly person causing injury includes the wrongful use of drugs or isolation. An experienced abuse attorney should be consulted on this matter.

• A personal injury litigation action may need to be taken by a competent abuse lawyer.
Psychological abuse includes yelling, threatening, humiliating and frightening the senior citizen. If this is occurring in a care facility by the staff, a nursing home abuse lawyer should be contacted for consultation.

Sexual abuse is often inflicted upon the elderly. Contact with a senior patient without their consent, showing them sexually graphic material or forcing them to engage in sexual acts also defines elder abuse.

Neglect by caregivers is cited many reported scenarios. The caregiver can be ignorant of the needs of the elderly, or simply just not care. This is elder abuse and an abuse attorney or nursing home abuse lawyer should be contacted.

• An abuse lawyer can advise when a personal injury litigation is necessary. An abuse lawyer should also be consulted if financial misconduct is suspected. This can include stealing or misusing credit cards, cash or checks, forging the senior’s signature and identity theft. This can happen in by a family member as well as a staff person in a nursing facility. A nursing home abuse lawyer needs to be contacted. Healthcare fraud is also a large concern. Unfortunately, there are dishonest doctors and hospital staff. There have been many reports of fraudulent Medicaid charges and billing for care never provided to the elderly patient. Recommendation for unnecessary treatments for non-existent medical illnesses is also an issue. A nursing home abuse lawyer should be contacted.

• An personal injury lawyer is skilled in situations mentioned above and will take immediate action against unethical and fraudulent persons involved.

There are signs of elder abuse to be aware of when caring for senior citizens, either in the home or a care facility. Be alert to behavior changes in the elder’s personality. Question any bruises or scars on the senior’s body. Notice if prescription bottles have more remaining medication than it should have. Be concerned about unexpected rapid weight loss. Always report an unsafe or unsanitary environment.

• Any and all of the above situations may require the need for a personal injury lawyer, a nursing home abuse lawyer or personal injury litigation to protect your loved ones.

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